Crazy Naked Game Show


  1. Why don’t they have game shows like this in America.

    Seems MUCH ore interesting than the Price is Right.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    The naked asian guy at the end is the funniest…..

    what are they falling in?

  3. DBeatLoser /

    Looks like something gross, they try to climb out incredibly fast.

  4. i wanna be on this show!

  5. dill_84 /

    that guy at the end is terrifying!!

  6. Jason C /

    awwwwww!!!! how come they blured out the boobies!??

  7. Aaron_827 /

    Awesome butt shot at 0:22!

  8. LOL wow…. there aren’t words to describe this hahahahahaha. That was funny yet disturbing at the same time

  9. StinkButt /

    omg- this is awesome.

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